Daniel Doiron

Certified Kanban Coach


The Agile Manifesto is the root to all agile approaches as from it emerges everything we claim to practice. The Kanban method also relies heavily on the Agile Manifesto and takes the alternative path to agility at 1/150 the cost of SCRUM  

The Kanban method also reaches level 5 of CMMI and a notch higher to Taleb’s anti-fragilility. Other agile approaches can only reach level 2 or 3, but no more. So why settle for less when you can reach the top at 1/150 of the cost of other agile approaches is entirely one’s call

Kanban does away without many of the common practices of agile, as their potential number is theoretically infinite – as opposed to the Kanban method who does it all with only 6 practices- , and it would be interesting for you to understand why the Agile Manifesto does not support some of the agile practices that are out there, being called agile when in fact they are not and lead to more upfront planning & estimating, more organisational structures with new roles, deliverables and responsibilities!

Kanban is the alternative path to agility and the #Nohashtags are there to remind us that a science based approach has led Kanban to deliver stellar results in all industries where knowledge work is required.

I offer engaging, over the top Kanban training everywhere in the world. My students can vouch for that with the testimonials I gathered from all over North America. I also provide all professional related support (consulting, optimising, 1 day evaluation of your agile maturity situation, OKALOA FLOW LABS etc)

For upper management of companies interested in living the complexity of Agile, I offer free 3 hours OKALOA FLOW LAB sessions so that the alternative path to agility can be lived. You will then understand with no teachings, lectures or instructions where Scrum, SAFe, LeSS,XP or Lean really stand compared to the scientific method embedded in Kanban. What do you have to lose ?


With modern Portfolio management, one must shift from the attractiveness glasses (cost and revenue perspective) to one based on risks, options and value (capabilities glasses)


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