Kanban Videos

Video Gallery – Kanban in 5-10 minutes

Prateek Singh & Dan Vacanti on Ultimate Kanban & No Estimates at Agile2016

WIP: why limiting work in progress makes sense (Kanban)

Winning the Lottery is More Predictable than your Agile Project - Daniel Vacanti

Video Gallery – Games that help you learn Kanban concepts

Advanced concepts: building paper boats with Klaus Leoplod

Henrik Kniberg – The flow game and ressource utilisation

An easy game you can play with your teams with instructions !!!

Video Gallery- Conferences

Wanna bet ... ? | Daniel Vacanti about Forecasting Projects

Kanban in Action -
Marcus Hammarberg

How An Expedite Request Sunk the Titanic - Dan Vacanti

Constraints that Enable Innovation - Alicia Juarrero

Chris Matts - Keynote : Real Options in the Real Worl

Daniel Vacanti - Lean Thinking - 2012 COHAA The Path to Agility Conference

Daniel S. Vacanti - Project Behaves Like a Hurricane- Forecast It Like One

Daniel S. Vacanti - Your Project Behaves Like a Hurricane — Forecast It Like One

AgileByExample 2017: Marcus Hammarberg - How Kanban Saved a hospital in Indonesia

Steve Tendon - 3 Ways How Money Fails Your Projects

Steve Tendon-Unity of Purpose & Community of Trust: Preconditions for the Hyper-Productive Organization

Staff Liquidity and Real Options – Olav Maassen and Chris Matts

WIP Limits and WIP control – 1,000 coin tosses and variability explained

Managing Refutable demand – 9 steps by Andy Carmichael