Okaloa Flow Lab

Okaloa Flow Lab

Are you stuck on one of these islands of agility? How did you get there ?

Well, a deeper insight in how and why agile works is the pre-requisite for business agility and the agile organisation. Flow thinking is foundational. Flow is something that you need to experience, to live. Okaloa Flowlab is a board game that enables business simulationsthat let you experience flow at different levels of the enterprise.

Agility is a mindset. It is not a set of practices that can be installed. But how do you get out of the best practices’ trap, especially when you have to mobilize not just software development and IT teams but the entire organization towards business agility where value is created through meaningful work?

How do you engage business teams, users and customers? How do you enable higher levels of collaboration, within and also across teams? In other words, how do you get individuals, teams and even the entire organization into a flow state where everybody is doing the right thing at the right time by having the right conversations? Rational explanations and models of agility will only go so far. To be truly effective, the agile mindset needs to be experienced, which is exactly the purpose of Okaloa Flowlab.

You therefore need to engage the whole brain, let your rational brain take over the intuitive brain and ride the elephant!

Through simulating a conventional work environment that reflects a mechanistic mindset characterized by a focus on resource efficiency, command & control and specialized workers, participants experience the following dilemma : which roadblocks need to be overcome? As the team is taking its first baby steps into agile, they will experiment (in 2 or 3 rounds) with policies and practices (e.g. pull of work, cadences, limiting WIP) that enable collaboration, get the team into flow, and allow an agile mindset to emerge. Weaved into the simulations they will discover the fundamental difference between resource efficiency and flow efficiency.

By using Okaloa Flowlab, you step into the flight simulator for experiencing and practicing agility in a safe-to-fail environment. It differentiates itself from other lean&agile games by the fact that focus is on learning and not on winning the game. Okaloa Flowlab is a learning tool that should be weaved into your course material so that practice and theory can interchange. Built on the premise that experience must come before theory, with Okaloa Flowlab you do experiments through board-play style simulations that reflect real work environments.

Upon exiting such a simulation, many agile myths will be shattered. Just read anew the Agile Manifesto and travel the alternative path to agility.

Free OKALOA FLOW LAB simulations are offered on your business site once a month and last between 3-4 hours. In order to qualify, a group of 5-10 upper management representatives must attend. It matters not if you have or not lived agility in any form or for any length of time. Email me at [email protected] to show your interest.

The Agenda :

  • Introduction
  • Efficiency (I) – OODA LOOP
  • Efficiency (II) – PDCA LOOP
  • Cadence and Flow