MT – MASTERING THROUGHPUT (English Description)



In today’s knowledge-based economy, how many of you would like to be to be told what to do or asked what to do?

How many of you would like to be to able to think on their feet or looking around for guidance?

Contemporaneous Kanban’s focus is entirely on Lead Time where being quick to market is important, but many companies just need more things to be done in less time (rather than faster) and cheaper, which is where improving Throughput comes in.


This is the business proposition of this class: Thinking on your feet. Fast and crisp decision making to generate Throughput.


The Mastering Throughput Class is unique and focusses on the Business imperatives of generating more cash by increasing capacity at no cost simply by thinking differently about where you should focus your improvement efforts – at the constraint of your value stream!

This class covers topics not addressed in Agile such as Management by exception, explicit risk management and much more. It is based on managing Throughput in accordance with Dr Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints and Throughput Accounting: two topics that are somewhat omitted in modern age Kanban and DEVOPS.

Who Should Attend

Are you a knowledge worker and wondering how to get immediate economic benefits in your working environment?

Have you been using the Kanban method and plateaued? There is much more to Kanban than Lead Time!

Well this course will introduce you to new Kanban boards and knowledge that will allow you to make more money by generating more Throughput without spending a dime on increasing capacity.


Day 1 – Overview  

  • Risk management
    • Kanban method – Event driven risk management
    • Tameflow Kanban – Explicit risk management
    • Project Execution – Goldratt’s Risk Buffer Management
    • How to improve
  • Dr Goldratt – Theory of Constraints
    • 5FS – Five Focusing Steps
    • Drum-Buffer-Rope
  • The Tameflow Kanban boards
    • Flow Efficiency
    • DBR – Drum Buffer Rope
    • Throughput Management
    • Portfolio Management
  • Dr Goldratt – Throughput Accounting
    • Complexity vs inherent simplicity
    • Culture and values
    • Decision making – Cost Accounting vs Throughput Accounting
    • Decision making – Tameflow Unanimity based vs Agile Consensus based

Day 2 – Overview

  • Culture and Financials Incentives
  • Class Exercise – DEVOPS improvement and TOC
  • Special and Common Cause Variation
  • TOC – Capacity Management: In praise of idleness
    • Productive, protective and excess capacity
    • Cost Accounting and Throughput Accounting on capacity
    • S L A C K  managment
    • La planification de Portefeuille
  • The Jeep, the Jungle and the Journey metaphor!
    • Constraints in the Work Process (The jeep-team level) and leading indicators of risk materialisation – ‘How we do things around here’
    • Constraints in the Work Flow (The Jungle- business model level) and leading indicators of risk materialisation – ‘Things that come toward us’
    • Constraints in the Work Load Distribution (The Journey as we progress and execute the plan thru the Jungle) and learning indicators of risk materialisation – ‘Things happen’
  • End of class Simulation

Both days consist largely of interactive group exercises and simulations.


This class is a certified Tameflow Kanban training by Steve Tendon. At the end of the class, student receive a Tameflow Kanban certificate.

Upon completion of both the MASTERING FLOW and MASTERING THROUGHPUT classes, you become a Tameflow CKP – Certified Kanban Practitioner – for life with no further obligations. Your student shared folders will be kept updated with the best new material!


  • You get pragmatic, actionable guidance you can implement in your organization next week – because it doesn’t require permission, a large budget or getting others to change the way they work.
  • Private on-site training classes are also available, upon request.
  • A Google Drive Shared Folder fully indexed with hundreds of the best articles, videos, presentations and tweets from Kanban experts
  • Participants receive the course content in a PDF format upon issuance of their digital certificate.
  • This class is based on the best book on agility and performance management of the last 10 years : Tame your Work Flow


  • Attendee substitutions are allowed anytime until the start of the class
  • If the designated instructor is unable to give the class, an equally competent and capable trainer will act as replacement to teach the class
  • The organizer reserves the right to cancel classes or to change venue within a reasonable distance
  • Refunds are provided as follows: 30 days or more, 100%; 15 days or more, 50%

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