KPM – Kanban for Project/Portfolio managers

KPM – Kanban for PMs

If you are a Project/Program/Portfolio Managers and attending a meeting this week, chances are that 90% of the topics discussed were visited to some extend at the last meeting! I sincerely think that in traditional Portfolio management, the cost of decision making contradicts the very purpose of decision making.
If you agree, all you really need are new tools: new brain ware. No new deliverables, software, structures, roles & responsibilities.
The Kanban method is about knowledge that you can act upon the next day without asking for permission or a budget nor affecting the way your colleagues go about their daily routine.
Certified Training – Kanban for PMs – KPM
Are you a Project/Program/Portfolio Manager not finding value in the traditional Agile/Lean/Kanban courses suited to aid in the quality decision making you make daily? Kanban for PMs – Project managers, Program managers & Portfolio managers – is custom made for you!
The era of timeboxing with waterfall or agile approaches has come to an end as the economics of flow systems are just overwhelming in terms of productivity, predictability and profitability.
Kanban systems are economic systems, just like the CME – Chicago Mercantile Exchange – which leverages real time visual indicators with their GLOBEX system to manage its day to day activities. In the 21st century, your portfolio managers should also have access to similar real time metrics like 1) Liquidity, 2) Breadth, 3) Depth, 4) Resiliency and 5) Immediacy.
If you are still using ROI, CAPEX and OPEX to support your strategic portfolio decisions, you will always be a day late and a penny short using yesterday’s news.
A Unique Vector of Expertise Worldwide
You are a middle manager, agile coach or a top executive who wants to transmit a clear message to your organization? The Agile Agonist offers Kanban training with working expertise in Finance/Accounting/Managerial control (MBA-CPA-CMA), Agility (CSP), Project Management (PMP) coupled with 38 years in IT (Bachelor studies & career). No other Lean/Kanban/Agile trainer in the world can offer this level of depth and understanding for either lack of expertise and/or serious academic credentials in all 6 domains.
From 2016-2018, the Agile Agonist has received stellar KMP I & KMP II student testimonials from all over America. He has taught close to a hundred Lean Kanban University public classes as an Accredited Kanban Trainer to countless clients. Read those testimonials and F4P evaluations now at and let me assure you that knowing how you will feel before hand is a unique advantage of my delivery.
The time has now come to connect with Project Managers and CPAs through the PMI REP channel offered by the Project Management Institute with a course suited to their specific needs.
Who Should Attend
This class is great for PMs, CPAs, CxOs, Experienced agilists & coaches and IT professionals who want to understand the alternative path to agility in the 21st century through the Kanban method with a high intensity/density 2 day learning experience. Come learn how Portfolio Kanban can show you the way to a top down agile evolution with no new roles, deliverables or structures and at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.
Day 1 – Stop Starting, Start Finishing

  • Kanban Basics – Practices, Visualisation, Flow, Pull, WIP limits, Deferred Commitment
  • Kanban Metrics – Lead Time, Flow Efficiency, Little’s Law, CFD diagram
  • A la queue leu leu – Queuing Theory : Capacity Utilisation and Variability
  • The logic behind Throughput Accounting
  • OKALOA FLOW LAB Simulation – Understand how to leverage your Intellectual Workers’ potential with Flow Thinking, Active Learning and Self Organisation!

Day 2 – Stop Talking, Start Starting

  • Lean decision filter
  • Critical Chain or Critical Path ?
  • Balancing supply and demand in your economic Kanban systems
  • Embedded options
  • Risk aversion & Option theory – What do I do now, later or not at all
  • Risk taxonomies and Kiviat graphs to put an end to endless discussions, support arbitrage and ease scheduling
  • Law of diminishing returns
  • Kanban Portfolio Exercise: IT Projects arbitrage with 5 risk categories and up to 27 risk dimensions!
  • Kanban Systems as liquid & real time economic systems that support CME GLOBEX like metrics – Liquidity, Breadth, Depth, Immediacy, Resiliency.
  • Decision making based on actual capabilities
  • Absorbing variability
  • Managing WIP at the Portfolio level
  • Building a Portfolio Kanban System that you can take to work tomorrow!

Both days consist largely of interactive group exercises and simulations
Participants Receive
A free copy of Klaus Leopold’s eBook – Practical Kanban. A best seller on Amazon!
Pragmatic, actionable guidance you can implement in your organization next week because it doesn’t require any permission, a budget or getting others to change!
A Digital Certificate of Completion of KPM – Kanban for Project, Program & Portfolio Managers
14 PDUs / SEUs emitted by the PMI-REP program of the Project Management Institute towards maintaining status of most professional accreditations: Engineers, PMP, CSP, CPA, CMA, Architects, Urbanists, Lawyers etc.

  • Attendee substitutions are allowed anytime until the start of the class
  • The organizer reserves the right to cancel classes if registrations are insufficient
  • Refunds are provided as follows: 30 days or more, 100%; 15 days or more, 50%

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