CPA – Throughput Accounting (English Description)

TA – Throughput Accounting 

(Performance management for Agile coaches, CPA and CxO)

Class description:


Throughput Accounting from Dr Eli Goldratt is a scientific approach that stresses the importance of managing the constraints in your systems to increase the impact of operational decisions. It is both an operational and financial model toward continuous improvement.


Throughput Accounting is unique. It applies to operational decision making – a tenet of everything agile – and has an immediate impact on the bottom line. It also holds at the project, portfolio, product, division and individual levels.

Throughput Accounting is part of the Theory of Constraints’ body of knowledge left behind by Dr Eli Goldratt. It applies today more thane ever in solving complex management problems thru crisp and fast decision making.

Will you benefit?

If you earn a living as an Agile coach, appreciate science and how it can apply to culture, decision making, financial performance and constraints management at the Work Process & Work Flow and Work Execution levels then this class will meet your expectations!

The Tameflow Approach’s integration of the Theory of Constraints and Throughput Accounting to knowledge work will bring you new tools to perform smarter and better in the 20s!


  • Overview of the 3 most defining managerial approaches for financial and operation excellence: Ford, Toyota and the Theory of Constraints
  • Herbie and the 5 focussing Steps of the Theory of Constraints (ToC)
    • Identification of the constraint
    • Exploitation of the constraint
    • Subordination to the constraint
    • Elevation of the constraint
    • Prevent inertia
  • Throuhgput Accounting and its daily impact on:
    • Culture
    • Decision making
    • Complexity
    • Costs
  • The ABCs of continuous financial improvements
    • The power of mental models
    • Limit WIP
    • The business value of Flow Efficiency
    • Where to focus improvement efforts
  • Flow simulation
  • How to manage a constraint using the 5FS
  • Capacity management
    • Cost accounting
    • Slack
    • Setup costs
  • The Jeep, the Jungle and the Journey metaphor. How to deal with constraints at the Work Process, Work Load or Work Execution levels.
  • The four new revolutionary Tameflow Kanban boards : 1) Flow Efficiency, 2) DBR – Drum Buffer Rope, 3) Throuhgput Mangement and 4) Portfolio


  • This class is a certified Tameflow Kanban training by Steve Tendon. At the end of the class, student receive a Tameflow Kanban certificate.
  • Upon completion of both the MASTERING FLOW and MASTERING THROUGHPUT classes, you become a Tameflow CKP – Certified Kanban Practitioner – for life with no further obligations. Your student shared folders will be kept updated with the best new material!


  • You get pragmatic, actionable guidance you can implement in your organization next week – because it doesn’t require permission, a large budget or getting others to change the way they work.
  • Private on-site training classes are also available, upon request.
  • An opportunity to join the Tameflow Alumni community at
  • Participants receive the course content in a PDF format upon issuance of their digital certificate.
  • This class is based on the best book on agility and performance management of the last 10 years :


  • Attendee substitutions are allowed anytime until the start of the class
  • If the designated instructor is unable to give the class, an equally competent and capable trainer will act as replacement to teach the class
  • The organizer reserves the right to cancel classes or to change venue within a reasonable distance
  • Refunds are provided as follows: 30 days or more, 100%; 15 days or more, 50%

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