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About me

Daniel Doiron

Delivery by The Agile Agonist - A Unique Vector of Expertise Worldwide

You are a middle manager, an agile coach, CxO or a top executive who wants to transmit a clear message? The Agile Agonist is a Certified Kanban Coach and offers Kanban training with working expertise in Finance/Accounting/Managerial control (MBA-CPA-CMA), Agility (CSP), Project Management (PMP) coupled with 38 years in IT (Bachelor studies & career). No other Lean/Kanban/Agile trainer in the world can offer this level of depth and understanding for either lack of expertise and/or serious academic credentials in all 6 domains.

From 2016-2018, Daniel Doiron was among the top performing Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) with close to one hundred public classes taught for Lean Kanban University. He has received stellar KMP I & KMP II student testimonials and F4P evaluations– Fit for Purpose – from all over North America. You can see what my students felt and what they learnt at http://agileagonist.com/student-testimonials/ and let me assure you that knowing how you will feel before hand is a unique advantage of my delivery.
A dedicated team of specialists on the Kanban method can also assist you on your journey. I am now offering the best Kanban on the market: Real Kanban. It is where the flaws in the Kanban method are fixed.

The head office is located in Montréal, Québec, Canada

Policies attached to classes are attached to the EventBrite description for that class at the bottom. They vary from class to class depending on many factors.

Reaching hyper productivity

Hyper productivity can only be achieved with the Kanban method. How else could you start a journey that would yield 400% improvement within the first 12 months. The Kanban method is so simple that it leads to congruence of behavior by all agents of the system to allow you to reach flow at the operational, informational, financial and psychological at the same time!
The Kanban method works in small teams and also in big companies. Are you in banking, HR, IT or marketing: no difference. Kanban works on all types of intellectual work.

The Kanban method : The Alternative Path To Agility

Kanban does away without many of the common practices of agile, as their potential number is theoretically infinite – as opposed to the Kanban method who does it all with only 6 practices- , and it would be interesting for you to understand why the Agile Manifesto does not support some of the agile practices that are out there, being called agile when in fact they are not and lead to more upfront planning & estimating, more organisational structures with new roles, deliverables and responsibilities!

Kanban is the alternative path to agility and the #Nohashtags are there to remind us that a science based approach has led Kanban to deliver stellar results in all industries where knowledge work is required.

I offer engaging, over the top Kanban training everywhere in the world. My students can vouch for that with the testimonials I gathered from all over North America. I also provide all professional related support (consulting, optimising, 1 day evaluation of your agile maturity situation, OKALOA FLOW LABS etc)

For upper management of companies interested in living the complexity of Agile, I offer free 3 hours OKALOA FLOW LAB sessions so that the alternative path to agility can be lived. You will then understand with no teachings, lectures or instructions where Scrum, SAFe, LeSS,XP or  really stand compared to the scientific method embedded in Lean Kanban. What do you have to lose ?