Quebec’s Team

Quebec's Team

You have a Kanban expert at work? If he does not show on the list below, he might not have attended the Lean Kanban University classes on the Kanban method and is not a KMP – Kanban Management Professional! Lean Kanban University is the sole emitter of credible certifications on the Kanban method.

So, to make sure. Ask these 5 basic Kanban questions :

  • How do Agile and Lean Kanban differ on the notion of respect ?
  • Why do we say that a ticket outside a Kanban system is in a deterministic state and switches to a non deterministic state once inside a Kanban system?
  • Can you describe the strategy used by the Kanban method to reduce the impacts of dependencies on your projects ?
  • When a ticket in a Kanban board becomes RED, must it go back to where it needs fixing or should it be left exactly where it is on the Kanban board and why?
  • In a Kanban board we have 3 column types. One is a queue, one is a bufffer and the last one are ‘Done’ columns. Which three purposes are accomplished by the ‘Done’ column ?