If you are attending a Portfolio meeting this week, chances are that 90% of the topics covered will revisit what was discussed last week. It is not surprising that at the Portfolio level, the cost and length of decision making defeats the very purpose of decision making!

The common denominator of this may in fact be the tools that we use (OPEX-CAPEX-ROI) and that are focussed on cost and revenue alone and do not open the door to embrace options, tame variability, understand our capabilities and act strategically, operationally and tactically simultaneously.

If you agree with me, then forge ahead and discover what the world’s best thinkers on 21 st century Portfolio management offer :

The Kanban method value proposition 1 :


OPEX-CAPEX or GLOBEX ? Kanban Systems are more in sync with GLOBEX, the real time decision support tool used at the CME, the world’s most sophisticated market.The Kanban Method Portfolio Management body of knowledge delivers pragmatic, actionable, evidence-based expertise that can be used as soon as tomorrow!

The Kanban method value proposition 2 :


  • Keep your options open so that you can tame turbulence proactively and react strategically at anytime !

The Kanban method value proposition 3 :

  • Monthly planning using the Theory of Constraints so that slack will be created in the system and ensure delivery !

The Kanban method value proposition 4 :

  • Stop planning for and fighting variability and do the smart thing : Absorb it! 

The Kanban method value proposition 5 :

  • Stop losing sleep over dependency management and use a visual Kanban reservation system !

The Kanban method value proposition 6 :

  • ‘Stop Talking and Start Starting’ by eliminating endless discussions with modern consensus building qualitative models and taxonomies. With the proper visual Kiviat charts, you can share a common understanding on a multi dimensional level that can also ease the burden of scheduling and sequencing decision making.

The Kanban method value proposition 7 :

  • Learn the 3 different ways to limit WIP at the Portfolio level so that your strategic intent can flow with frequent delivery of projects.

The Kanban method value proposition 8 :

  • Act strategically, operationally and tactically all at once by respecting the rules of engagement for each independent flight level.

The Kanban method value proposition 9 :

  • Merge your Portfolio thinking with Real Option Theory from Chris Matts & Olav Maassen whose book ‘Commitment’ sold for 3,500$ at Christmas two years ago. (That was for a second hand book!)

The Kanban method value proposition 10 :

The CME – Chicago Mercantile Exchange – through their GLOBEX system, leverages easy to use, effortless to learn visual indicators for market participants. They include information pertaining to liquidity : Immediacy – Tightness – Resiliency – Depth – Breadth. Kanban Systems are economic systems, and just like the CME, have similar real time, forward looking indicators to help you make daily decisions.